Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Why is this stuff that is so obviously wrong going on?
The stress that comes from trying to dress to impress,
A car, a house, a spouse, likes on your facebook posts,
Broken dreams turning into nightmares of despair,
The mirror looking back and saying you need more things,
Distractions distracting us from the ball,
keep your eye on the ball or you’re going to miss,
getting rejected and thinking it was you and not them,
remember polarities attract the opposite and nature abhors a vacuum,
filling space with the waste of our human race,
nature abhors waste that’s why there’s a food chain,
we broke out of the garden and made a concrete prison,
ruled by the inmates who committed more crimes than we ever did,
our salvation isn’t in them, voting is a scam,
we got hacked by the American dream in all nations,
working to pay bills and blowing up the hills to get coal,
we’re digging a hole we are never going to get out of,

stop digging.