Thursday, October 23, 2014

The OC

The arrogant air of authority,
the sleepy eyes and fake practiced smiles, 
the pressed shirts, short skirts, and belts tightened too tight, 
make up, cologne, sunglasses, fake tans,
smart phone nation culture swimming in my head, 
I swim in it's head and find no land and nowhere to breathe, 
these words are the breaths I take before I go back under to find food and a place to hide from the predators,
a fish bowl with no way out, a cell within a cell on the moon drifting in the cosmos alone, 
fearful of creation, devoid of nature, synthetic, shallow, hollow, empty of existence, forgotten, 
worthless petty egos shocked into a strange personality,
fake in every way, a veneer hiding limitless light just thick enough to fool most people, 
cheap enough for the few who can afford it,
and the rest sit and wait for it all to wash away.

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