Monday, March 17, 2014

Digital Hallucinations

I see, but do not believe.
I believe, because I close my eyes.
I hear, but do not perceive.
I perceive, because I am silent.
I understand, but do not comprehend.
I comprehend, because I know it is all a game.
I log on every day, and play the game, but never win.
The nihilistic digital dream we all share is there, and it is real; to some.
A shared hallucination between friends, so we can bond and feel connected.
Plugged in, turned on, integrated, dissected, categorized, broken up, and spread too thin.
On guard, half awake, hollow, shallow, reactive, and mostly dead.
The news, the food, the air, the water, nature, the future, the past, the internet, our phones,
it is all a game with points, and levels, and rules, and cheaters who don't follow the rules.
Who really knows if a million people died, or ten million, or a thousand.
Who really knows if a million people marched against something, or for something, when they only tell us what they want us to hear.
I am sure there are a few that know, but they choose to play the game.
They are on the outside looking in.
We are fish in a tank, waiting for our next feeding time.
Show me the river, and the way home.