Monday, March 4, 2013

Religion and Intellect

Religion is the lens that allows us to perceive the intellect plainly with all of it's faults,
Intellect is the lens that lets us see into the naivety of religion and all of it's tedious dogma,
Using both we find ourselves in the midst of chaos and ego,
We can then rise above it.
Be at peace within the cosmos.
When we come down from the sky to swim with the other fishes again,
We see ourselves as a fish.
A daily reincarnation of our spirit through different forms,
The goal being objectivity and finding peace within, and without.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Your heart pounds,
This is the first step,
They rip you apart with intellectual knives,
The truth washes the blood away,
Only scars of regret and despise remain,
Dark political lies filtering your lives and eyes,
The U.S. invades another country and we all keep our heads down,
Wandering blind around town buying up Chinese stock.

The clock already stopped,
Got crooked political cops on the TV saying freedom aint free,
Be all that you can be,
Only 10% are actually in the military,
Pundit dictator immators entertain us by calling us intellectuals traitors
I’m accused of treason cuz I use my reason.
Where’s the glorius Platonic democracy?
We were the first country to claim to be free!
The first country to be without a dictatorial monarchy?
The first country to promote descent and debate.
I thought freedom was a truth that was self evident?
Now we got the president pretending to be the next Jesus,
A thousand corporations owning us by pleasing us or bleeding us when we organize,
March in a protest and feel the power and the love,
Vote in the next election and shape this world one piece at a time,
Wake up and realize that revolution of the mind is on the uprise.

Written 7/28/2008


I hate this break in my head
I’m up late again
Just waiting for karmic fate to relate to this police state
The gate of intuition is not locked to the veiled eyes
I got pie in the sky expectations
But then I see her with him
Taste leads to desire
Then satiation then its over
On to her next desire
The divine light of love dies when we give up and tell ourselves, “Why even try?”
Is it virtuous to consume our lives in self-absorbed sloth? 
Dante’s Master warned us not to drift away like smoke in the air, in this dark and frightening Eighth Ring of Hell.
What a joke
Choking on the smog every morning,
Hollow untouchable phantoms of society and family all around me,
Natureless concrete walls in the reflections of almost everyone’s eyes
Wake up for your sake
The plague of ego has become a new age health fad,
The melodramatic and insincere will be the last guards on the watch towers here,
Play this new societal game with me so you and I can laugh at ourselves, and lie about truth, while the children we were fade away.
Confucius said that we should not be concerned if we have no place in this world,
We should be concerned if we can not fit into a place in this world,
And for this moment, we all belong here.
Or do we?

Written 7/14/2008