Saturday, June 24, 2017

Be Free Misty

I found you in a windstorm lost and scared,
You found me in the darkness and guided me out,
We became one being, one mind, you were my shadow and forever will be,
I held every door open for you, and you opened every door within me,
The anxiety you felt when someone came in the door ran through me as I calmed you,
The fear of being alone,
The fear of returning to the dark windstorm is now gone,
You are free!
You are disconnected from this fickle shallow world,
Where you were kicked by wicked men,
Where you hid under houses and desks from the monsters that roamed,
Where people yelled and screamed even when your ears didn't work,
You don't need to bow your head in shame anymore because your bowels don't work,
You are free from the pain in your bones,
You are free from the fear of being alone,
The frustration of not being able to stand up,
You are freed from this mortal plane,
The dimensions bend around your spirit as it soars,
Become one with the great mind, the great spirit, eternity and infinity,
I will see you on the other side my shadow, my conscience, my eternal friend.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Why is this stuff that is so obviously wrong going on?
The stress that comes from trying to dress to impress,
A car, a house, a spouse, likes on your facebook posts,
Broken dreams turning into nightmares of despair,
The mirror looking back and saying you need more things,
Distractions distracting us from the ball,
keep your eye on the ball or you’re going to miss,
getting rejected and thinking it was you and not them,
remember polarities attract the opposite and nature abhors a vacuum,
filling space with the waste of our human race,
nature abhors waste that’s why there’s a food chain,
we broke out of the garden and made a concrete prison,
ruled by the inmates who committed more crimes than we ever did,
our salvation isn’t in them, voting is a scam,
we got hacked by the American dream in all nations,
working to pay bills and blowing up the hills to get coal,
we’re digging a hole we are never going to get out of,

stop digging. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Gear

This is who he is.
That is what he is.
A gear.
A small piece of the machine.
That bumps and grinds, and spins, and never changes.
Only gets worn down, replaced, forgotten, recycled.
Do we see the infinite mystery around the machine, or do we just see the machinations of society grinding on forever?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The OC

The arrogant air of authority,
the sleepy eyes and fake practiced smiles, 
the pressed shirts, short skirts, and belts tightened too tight, 
make up, cologne, sunglasses, fake tans,
smart phone nation culture swimming in my head, 
I swim in it's head and find no land and nowhere to breathe, 
these words are the breaths I take before I go back under to find food and a place to hide from the predators,
a fish bowl with no way out, a cell within a cell on the moon drifting in the cosmos alone, 
fearful of creation, devoid of nature, synthetic, shallow, hollow, empty of existence, forgotten, 
worthless petty egos shocked into a strange personality,
fake in every way, a veneer hiding limitless light just thick enough to fool most people, 
cheap enough for the few who can afford it,
and the rest sit and wait for it all to wash away.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Digital Hallucinations

I see, but do not believe.
I believe, because I close my eyes.
I hear, but do not perceive.
I perceive, because I am silent.
I understand, but do not comprehend.
I comprehend, because I know it is all a game.
I log on every day, and play the game, but never win.
The nihilistic digital dream we all share is there, and it is real; to some.
A shared hallucination between friends, so we can bond and feel connected.
Plugged in, turned on, integrated, dissected, categorized, broken up, and spread too thin.
On guard, half awake, hollow, shallow, reactive, and mostly dead.
The news, the food, the air, the water, nature, the future, the past, the internet, our phones,
it is all a game with points, and levels, and rules, and cheaters who don't follow the rules.
Who really knows if a million people died, or ten million, or a thousand.
Who really knows if a million people marched against something, or for something, when they only tell us what they want us to hear.
I am sure there are a few that know, but they choose to play the game.
They are on the outside looking in.
We are fish in a tank, waiting for our next feeding time.
Show me the river, and the way home.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Religion and Intellect

Religion is the lens that allows us to perceive the intellect plainly with all of it's faults,
Intellect is the lens that lets us see into the naivety of religion and all of it's tedious dogma,
Using both we find ourselves in the midst of chaos and ego,
We can then rise above it.
Be at peace within the cosmos.
When we come down from the sky to swim with the other fishes again,
We see ourselves as a fish.
A daily reincarnation of our spirit through different forms,
The goal being objectivity and finding peace within, and without.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Your heart pounds,
This is the first step,
They rip you apart with intellectual knives,
The truth washes the blood away,
Only scars of regret and despise remain,
Dark political lies filtering your lives and eyes,
The U.S. invades another country and we all keep our heads down,
Wandering blind around town buying up Chinese stock.

The clock already stopped,
Got crooked political cops on the TV saying freedom aint free,
Be all that you can be,
Only 10% are actually in the military,
Pundit dictator immators entertain us by calling us intellectuals traitors
I’m accused of treason cuz I use my reason.
Where’s the glorius Platonic democracy?
We were the first country to claim to be free!
The first country to be without a dictatorial monarchy?
The first country to promote descent and debate.
I thought freedom was a truth that was self evident?
Now we got the president pretending to be the next Jesus,
A thousand corporations owning us by pleasing us or bleeding us when we organize,
March in a protest and feel the power and the love,
Vote in the next election and shape this world one piece at a time,
Wake up and realize that revolution of the mind is on the uprise.

Written 7/28/2008